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Why choose Mammoth?

Mammoth is quite different from the other guys in many ways. Some people need to justify why they should choose Mammoth, and we understand that. This article is to highlight some of the key reasons why you should make the switch.

1. We aren't made overseas

Most of the other guys' fabrication process is all done overseas in countries such as China. This is the most cost-effective route to have a product made for a cheap price, however, most of the time this can result in quality issues. While products that are made overseas can still be of good quality, it is more common to have defects in structural components and product finishes. All of our fabrication processes are done in North America. Not only does this support local people and businesses, but it also helps with quality assurance.

As our products are hand-made in-house, we have much better control over our process, safety, and product durability. Nowhere on our products will you see a label that says "Made in China".

2. One of a kind design

The other guys' products mostly look similar. The same square tubing, the same square extrusions, and similar features. Mammoth is one of the only products of its kind to have a rounded, and sleek design.

Our products always feature round tubing and piping. The radius design is not for everyone, but it sure sets us aside from others.

3. A finish that will last a lifetime

A big step in powder coating that a lot of other companies don't do to save costs, is sandblasting. Most of the other guys use a chemical etching solution to micro-etch the metal before it is powder-coated. This is ultimately the most economic method in surface preparation.

While chemically etching is a common practice in the powder coating world, it is proven to flake and chip like paint. After all, the powder-coated surface is only as good as the surface to which it is applied.

We sandblast all of our products before they are powder coated. This makes a much more aggressive texture for the powder coating to bond to and will last without corrosion or flaking for a very long time.

4. Every model is top of the line

Mammoth does not believe in offering cheaper quality products for a cheaper price. Each and every one of our products is our premium model. Our business model is to only supply our customers with the most durable and premium product to the best of our capabilities, and nothing less.

We do not offer decks with plywood, or products made from steel. We do not cut corners to make the product cheaper but less durable.

5. Customer service

If you ever have a reason to reach out for support, you will notice how you are treated as more of a friend, than just someone who gave us money for something.

We will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your product and to properly address any concerns you may have.

Mammoth isn't just a brand, it's also a family.

6. Heavyweight Materials

Our products all use the most durable and heavyweight aluminum we can source. A lot of the other guys will use a material that is just thick and durable enough to get by, while we can proudly say we over-engineer our stuff.

7. The Wife

If your significant other is on the fence about letting you purchase one of our products, hand the phone to them. We will explain how necessary this purchase is, and how much it will improve your relationship in every which way, shape, or form possible. This is a must-have product, and your life depends on it. We are pretty sure by the end of the call, you will have their approval.

(we also have a sense of humor).

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