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2022 Mammoth UTV Rack Changes

We have made some changes and improvements for our 2022 model year lineup of Mammoth UTV Rack Systems compared to the previous model year.

We take our customer's feedback on product improvements, recommendations, and wanted changes and then bring them to life.


Product Documentation

We have improved the documentation for our UTV rack systems. 2022 models now come with a detailed instruction manual with step-by-step instructions on installation, usage, and assembly.

Warranty Database

We have implemented an automatic warranty registration database that allows first-time customers to register their products. When registered, you will also be notified of any recalls or product-related changes.

Recall Center

We have implemented an automatic recall database. Customers can use this tool to search their serial number, and see if there are any active recalls on their Mammoth products.


Changes and improvements for the 2022 UTV racks

Maximum UTV Width

The 2021 model year UTV rack systems can carry UTVs with a maximum width of 74". As UTVs are getting bigger and bigger, we made it so the 2022 model year UTV rack systems can carry UTVs up to 78" overall width.

Truck Compatibility

The 2021 model year MD-2000 4-seat UTV rack systems only fit on long box pickup trucks. We have made it so the 2022 MD-2000 4-Seat UTV rack systems fit on both long box and short box pickup trucks.

Straight Rear Crossbar

The 2021 model year UTV rack systems feature a "drop" style rear crossbar. We have changed this to a straight crossbar, with a rear center leg to help with weight distribution.

Powder Coating Finish

The 2021 model year UTV rack systems feature a matte black, textured powder coating finish. We have changed this for the 2022 model year UTV rack systems to have more of a satin finish, which repels dirt and debris much better than matte.

Color Options

We have added more color options to our website check out for more options such as gloss black and gloss white.

Telescoping Ramps

We have changed our telescoping UTV ramps to be more durable and lightweight. We now use a custom ramp extrusion which makes the ramps lighter in weight, as well as more durable. We have also increased the thickness of our ramp hanger hooks.

Ramp Hanger

We have reinforced our ramp hanger to reduce sway and to make it more solid. The newly designed ramp hanger is now much more durable.

Ramp mounting bar

We have added an additional crossbar at the rear of the rack to place your telescoping UTV ramps while loading and unloading. This crossbar is lower than the rest of the rungs on the ladder, so if you have a machine with big wheels, the ramps will no longer get stuck underneath the wheels of the UTV while the UTV is on the rack system.

Laser CNC

We have added a new state-of-the-art laser CNC plate and pipe cutting machine to our fabrication process. With this new machine, the holes and modular features of the Mammoth UTV rack will be more accurate and hassle-free.

Dealer Network

Mammoth has been working around the clock to get our products into more local dealers. We add new dealers to our network frequently, where you can purchase our products.

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